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Symposium 14.5.2015 - Innovations in Evidence Synthesis and Implementation

The Symposium is organised by the Centre for Evidence Based Healthcare, a Research Centre in the School of Health Sciences, in collaboration with the Joanna Briggs Institute European Group.

Director Arja Holopainen from Finnish Centre for Evidence-Based Health Care, Nursing Reseach Foundation is also attending this event. This is an opportunity to hear from experts in evidence synthesis and implementation.

The programme covers all aspects of the evidence based healthcare cycle and will provide participants with updates, debates and worked examples covering topics such as: future directions in synthesis science, mixed methods reviews, innovations in literature searching, developing reviews for impact, and latest trends in practice development. For more details, please consult the provisional programme (PDF).

Symposium is in Nottingham, UK, at Lecture Theatre Four (LT4), A Floor, Medical School, Queen's Medical Centre

There was also a one-day pre-symposium PhD students’ seminar yeasterday on May 13th. Few Finnish PhD students were also participating.

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