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WHO: From innovation to implementation – eHealth in the WHO European Region (2016)

This report describes the development of and emerging trends in electronic health (e-health) in the WHO European Region in 2016. Its content and key messages are based on data collected from the 2015 WHO Global eHealth Survey and the assistance of a number of key practitioners in the field. The report gives case examples to illustrate success stories in countries and the practical application of e-health in various settings. The key outcomes given provide evidence of an increasing appetite for e-health and indicate tangible progress in the mainstreaming of technology solutions across the European Region to improve public health and health-service delivery.

Together, the findings and analysis provided in this report offer a detailed insight into the development of e-health in Europe. Through the recommendations and proposed actions, WHO echoes its commitment to supporting Member States in developing their national e-health environments as a strategic component in the achievement of universal health coverage and the policy objectives of Health 2020 in the European Region.

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