Nursing Research Foundation, NRF

NRF is a non-profit research and development organization. It promotes effectiveness of nursing by developing evidence-based practices (EBP) in accordance with national and international policies. The NRF coordinates the development of clinical practice guidelines for nursing and publish them at nationally.

The aim of the NRF is to develop and establish evidence-based nursing in Finnish health care so that nursing interventions are effective, appropriate, feasible and/or meaningful.

The mission is to be the well-known and reputable institution in producing, disseminating and providing a framework for the use of the best available evidence to inform clinical decision-making to improve health outcomes in Finland.

Tasks of the NRF:
• To produce the best available evidence: evidence-based guidelines, Tips of evidence, systematic reviews, scoping reviews, handbooks
• To disseminate the best available evidence: lectures and education in the field of evidence-based health care, publications
• To support the implementation of the best available evidence: Consistent nursing practices – an operational model for developing evidence-based practices (OMEBP) and expertise in EBHC (Fin AME)
The NRF participates collaborative projects in health care practice.

Two international collaboration centres

The NRF is hosting two collaborating Centres, which main mission is improving EBP on both national and international level:
• WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing (since 1977)
• The Finnish Centre for Evidence-Based Health Care: A Joanna Briggs Institute Affiliated Group